[Official] Town Application Format

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[Official] Town Application Format

Post  LunaAnneMarieSky on Mon Mar 05, 2012 11:42 pm

When creating the Town, keep in mind that you will need at least 4 people that will be joining your town!

The Price of the town is: 200,000TC

(Must update this every week after the town has been accepted!)

Town Application Format:
**Must put this in title: [Town] Town Name [App]

Picture of the Town (Optional)
Picture of the Town Flag (Optional)

Town Name:
Town Mayor:
Town Assistant(s):
Town Members:
Town Upkeep:
Town Tax:
Town Rules:
Town alignment(Hostile/Neutral/Passive):
Town Allies(Optional):
Town Enemies(Optional):

Why you want your town to be accepted:

Here is an Example of this town Application to give you an idea:

[Town] Spawn [App]

Town Name: Spawn
Town Mayor: LunaAnneMarieSky
Town Assistant(s): None
Town Members: LunaAnneMarieSky
Town Upkeep: 500
Town Tax: 0
Town Rules:
Town alignment(Hostile/Neutral/Passive): Passive
Town Allies(Optional): None
Town Enemies(Optional): None

Why you want your town to be accepted: Because this is Spawn!

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